Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Fought the Law and the Law....


Last Thursday afternoon, I got a letter forwarded from our Dacula house to Florida saying that there was a "warrant for my arrest." Wow...that was out of the blue. I had absolutely NO clue what had happened nor what I possibly could have done to receive such a letter. There was a phone # on the letter to call recorders court so I did. After a 5 minute recording and a long wait for the next representative, I found out that the warrant was for failure to pay for or show up in court for a speeding ticket I never received. I couldn't handle it over the phone - only in person - which proved to be difficult considering I live 8 hours from Lawrenceville.

After panicking, praying, completely freaking out, hiding in the closet, and trying to relax about it, we did some checking into with the help of a police officer friend. He shared that I would likely have been arrested if I still lived in Georgia, and I could still be arrested in Florida.

So we sent my Mom to the courthouse, and they immediately went into a flurry as the ticket read "warning" where my signature should have been on the ticket that I never received. Considering I was speeding to avoid an accident, the officer didn't give me a ticket - just a verbal warning...a LONG time ago.

The solicitor said I could either pay the ticket or risk going to jail - and I WAS INNOCENT. We decided to take our chances and wait for them to go through all they needed to to gt a judge to free me from the fine. We got word today (through mucho complication) that a judge had indeed freed me from my charged. As a precaution, we sent Mom to the courthouse to get the signed copy from the judge.

I feel rather violated and stripped of my freedom. I was very panicky for a few days - this rule follower couldn't handle the stress of being "wanted." Plus we didn't have our Florida tags (and the GA ones expired yesterday) so I had to drive slowly watching over my shoulder at every turn.

I NEVER want to go through that again! I'm grateful that it is over AND that it ended in my favor without a record of going to jail!

My entire family is joking about it, and while I don't mind their jokes, it's still not very funny to me. This one may take a long time to be funny. In the meantime, I enjoying the feeling of having 100 pounds of pure stress lifted off my shoulders!


  1. oh my gosh, so sorry Genny. glad it's over.

  2. Oh good lord woman! Is this the blog post you were referring to?

    OH MY GOSH! This is crazy! I would have been locking myself in the house and looking out the window at every car that drove by!

    I am so glad the judge ruled in your favor. This is such a scary situation!!!!