Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm Not a Short Order Cook...or a Doormat!

At my house, we have a rule. You have to eat what you're given or you have to eat it again for breakfast. Sometimes I let the rule slide if we all hate our suppers (but of course, I'm a fantastic cook so that rarely happens). In all seriousness, I will allow the rule to slide if there is extra polite behavior or I can see that an effort is really made to eat the meal.

Last night we had lemon pepper pork chops, stuffing, and broccoli. Andrew would NOT dare eat it, and the complaining was constant. After being warned that he would eat it for breakfast, he made the choice to go hungry.

First thing this morning I reheated the supper. He picket at it, tried to get his sister to eat it, smeared it on the table...whatever he could think of so he wouldn't have to eat it. The complaining was still constant. He didn't show an ounce of respect.

We went to swimming and the YMCA. Surely, I thought by this point the boy who normally has already eaten 5 huge meals by this point would eat his food now. Nodda.

We went to the park with friends - a first time ever play date with new friends. He completely lost control. He cried and screamed and complained. At this point, I was NOT going to back down. My sweet friend ate with embarrassment as we sat at what was supposed to be a picnic lunch and watched her family eat...all the while Andrew was carrying on about me starving him. Man, that's a way to make friends...starve your child and go on a picnic play date with a food depraved wining child. Sometime during the day he stopped crying and decided to play with his friend, but he was 'fragile' and super moody...another way not to make friends.

I need to say that my friend was a trooper about the situation. It's nice to hang out with REAL people. She let me do what I needed to do and didn't stand in judgment of my decision. We ended up having a nice visit even in the midst of chasing after our babies.

We got home, and Andrew still has not eaten his food. I am at a loss, but I still refuse to back down. People in China are starving, and my little guy needs to appreciate whatever he is given...even if it is a little rubbery after being reheated so many times!


  1. but it's pork chops, do you blame him? JK-I've been there, but I only went as far as if they wanted to eat before bed they had to finish their dinner, never did I try it the next morning. I am rethinking my antics, the girls better watch out!

  2. I had the same problem with his dad. He was too lazy to chew no matter how good it was. He only wanted to eat things that slide down easy. Eggs veggies Etc. I did what you did and eventually he learned to eat it fresh in stead reheated. Hang in there girl. You are a great Mommie!