Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I got a back injury during our car accident a few months back, and since then, I've been under the care of an orthopedic doc who has kept me in physical therapy for several months. I believe I'm finally starting to feel some relief, but there are still 2 quite "sticky" sore spots.

Before I jump into the rest of this explanation, I need you to know that my physical therapy is NORMAL, and I've been to a few different physical therapy places. I think I've had some pretty great healing experiences, tried some good old tried and true techniques which are just a series of target exercised to promote flexibility and strength into the injured areas.

But today was different. I had my sticking spot sticking a little more than usual though it always sticks. So a couple of the physical therapists starting discussing any treatment that would give me relief. And they came up with ONE that they had not yet tried.

Cupping. It's an ancient Asian treatment that involves suction cups. It doesn't hurt at all, but it leaves you with giant circular hickies for lack of a better description. They explained the process to me, showed me pictures of it being done to another patient, and asked my permission to try this method on me. I read further that a celebrity just had it done, and you can read further or see pics/video footage of it here:


All I can say is WOW! Why haven't they tried this before? and Where can I buy suction cups like this? The therapists were super excited that I agreed to this therapy b/c it's fun to watch and see the results, and the results are AMAZING. I feel no pain or stick in the part where they treated me today. Yes, there are a couple large red circles on my back, but I don't care b/c the relief exceeds the strange looking circles.

Don't knock it til you've tried it! The only negative feedback I have is that where you get the procedure done makes your back feel so good that you start to feel the other little tight spots and just want more!

So I end this by saying if you ever get the opportunity to be CUPPED - GO FOR IT! You will love it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't Rush These Years

I often find myself saying, "it's just a phase" or "this too shall pass." More than anything I don't want my children to be grown up, but some of the challenges that each stage brings make me wish away the bad phases...only to find something bad in the next phase too. So I've started focusing more intently on all the good in each phase. And here are some of the memories I have over the past couple of months:

Elizabeth and Andrew are tight. I used to be so bothered by the arguing and fighting, but now I'm seeing how much they rely on each other. Lizzy has a big girl bed, and instead of coming to me when she wakes up, she rushed in to wake Andrew up. There were a couple of times that he got annoyed by her jumping on his bed to wake him up so we decided to put a baby gate on Elizabeth's door to confine her in her room until I got her out...only to find that Andrew would wake up and rush to Lizzy's room, pull the baby gate off the door and play with her or even snuggle together in her big bed. Their love for each other is strong. They hold hands all the time. I've caught them a couple of times when they didn't think I was watching.

I also found the sweetest thing...Andrew kicked his shoes off at the front door, and Lizzy places each of her shoes inside of Andrew's shoes. I found it ironic...it's how she views her brother...as her big protector. I snapped a pic to remember.

Right now, Lizzy is in time out in her room for some ugly behavior. She is screaming her head off, and it reminds me of how she screamed her way through the store so much so that everyone in the store was giving me looks of pity which quickly changed into looks of hatred b/c they couldn't believe that I was on the phone while my daughter was screaming. I had to make the call, and my friend was so calming and quick to the point so our conversation could end. I got off the phone and scooped screaming Lizzy up. She melted into my arms and told me she was so sorry. She just wanted MY attention. She's just struggling to figure out the right way to get attention.

Andrew has such a sensitive heart. You can tell he bears the weight of the world on his shoulders at times, and yet, he is so full of joy that his joy becomes contagious. I love that happy little boy! One day, I was upset by something, and while I didn't say a word, Andrew sensed my discontent. He came over, loved on me and gave me encouragement the way another adult would do - not a 6 year old boy. He has an old soul and he is filled with love to the brim. His ugly actions cause him grief in a way that requires no further discipline. I'm so proud that he is self reflective, and he has a desire to love others.

Elizabeth has trouble going to sleep. She honestly requires little sleep. She's always been my bad little sleeper. Everyone at my house sleeps more than her :( Last night was one of those nights that she was still laying in her bed after 11. I went in her room, prayed with her and we sang songs and snuggled. Had I not gone into her room to spend that time with her, I would have missed her singing the full ABC song in such a beautiful voice that it melted my hear...and it was further proof that she's so stubborn that she's been holding out on me! She is learning the things I teach her!

And the other day when Lizzy had a tummy ache that caused her such pain that she screamed for an hour, it humbled me and warmed my heart when out of no where Andrew got down on his knees and prayed for his sister. Shortly after, Lizzy's tummy felt better, and we got on our knees thanking God for healing her little tummy.

Finally, I have to brag about my little genius. We've had some complications with Andrew's health. It's a long story, and we are still finding answers so no need to be concerned right now. The pediatrician (whom I love) was worried about Andrew's eyesight so she gave him a quick exam by having him tell her what letters were on a doctor form across the room. He read the words instead of telling her the letters, and the words were gigantic doctor words that I could barely pronounce. Andrew blew the socks off of us when he read each word perfectly. I was so proud of him, but I wasn't surprised. He can read better than me. The doc herself called Andrew brilliant and used words like genius to describe my son!

I love my two little strong willed ever so difficult children! I wish I could just freeze them the way they are right now!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Andrew is killing me these days...with laughter. He comes up with the funniest stuff.

I just caught Andrew staring at me the other day. When I looked at him he said, "I just can't stop staring at the most beautiful mom." I think he's trying to butter me up for something, but I'm loving it.

We got home from church this morning. I had a bad morning, but I was doing a good job of not letting it affect my relationship with my children. I didn't act like I was down or anything, but my intuitive son sensed the situation and asked me about it. He then encouraged me in the sweetest ways. He hugged me, patted my hand, and just built me up with encouraging words. He is going to be a great husband some day. That boy is golden, and I thank God for him!

Today there were also contractors at our house working on a shower repair that has been a headache at our rental house for longer than 5 months. They are a couple of good ole boys, and I love spending time with them as weird as that sounds. You'd love them too if you met them. They needed my help with directions, but I was busy on the phone so Andrew helped them. He (and all of his 6 years) gave them clear directions to the closest Lowe's, and then he asked if they planned to eat lunch while they were out. He gave them all kinds of suggestions for restaurants near Lowe's. I was so proud of him, and the good ole boys were impressed. When they left, they rescheduled a return visit, and Andrew was so kind. He asked them not to do a good job fixing the shower so they would come back. Even Andrew enjoys their company.

Every once and a while, I have to brag on my children. I know I do a lot of complaining about their strong personalities, but it's those strong personalities that make them the kids I love so much!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Raising Children in an Age of Technology

I know this post is going to be a bit controversial. It's controversial at our house, and I know it must be in so many places b/c I see it happen daily.

A few months ago, Andrew made a comment about seeing me on the computer a lot. I didn't like the idea of him seeing me on the computer and making the comment so I made a change. I still use the computer. I haven't done anything crazy like NOT be on Facebook. I just try to make the most of my day WITH my children and let them know what I'm doing on the computer. I also allow my son (and daughter) to participate with me on the computer as much as I can. Often, I hop on to find information, directions, coupons, write an email or get a lesson plan. I can include them in most of those things.

However, we live in an age where you can look around and almost always see someone talking on their phone or looking at their iPad for some reason. I personally dislike smart phones b/c I think hours can be lost just looking at them. Come on...we all have friends who get a text in the middle of a conversation, or someone looks up something while eating dinner or takes a call while you are visiting with someone. What's worse is that we are raising our children and years are passing by while we "look" at our phones.

What are we teaching our children by doing this? That our technology is more important than they are. Our technology is more important than a lot of things. Our technology has even taken the place of real relationships. We no longer have a need to think for ourselves. We can just pick up our technology and text Mom for the answer to even the simplest of things. We can look up information no matter where we are, and when we are in a predicament, instead of figuring out a way to get ourselves out of predicaments, we call on someone to rescue us.

I've seen this time and time again. Our young people are in danger of falling prey to technology. I've seen this in 20 year olds, I've seen in in teenagers, and I want to figure out a healthy solution to help my children use technology. I don't think it's realistic to grow them up in a technology deprived household. There are so many good uses for technology, but I hope that I can teach them to respect people first and use the good minds that God has given them to be free thinkers before they go rushing to someone else for answers.

If I'm honest, I often forget to pray when someone goes wrong. I also rush to my phone to text my friend about the situation instead of fall to my knees in prayer. I know I need lots of prayer to teach my children, and I need lots of prayer so that I can model the behavior that I want them to have in the area of technology.

Monday, October 3, 2011

October Already???

Wow...this year is flying by. Even Andrew said, "Mom, the years go by fast!" Our days are fun, full and so busy! I'm ready for some relaxation, and I'm already dreaming of our next vacation. However, it couldn't be more beautiful in Florida. The temp is finally starting to drop, and we have a nightly routine of opening the windows. I love it!

The kids are doing great. Elizabeth gives me a run for my money daily. She has the potential to be the most darling little angel and a demon all in a matter of seconds. I tell everyone that I can handle boy drama way better. I joked with a friend today that I would leave Elizabeth at her house, and she said that she'd get thrown in jail...oh, how I can relate. There are times I'd love to ring her little neck, but I'd never do that. She is just so precious. I need to find a good preschool for her or something - time where she can be away from me, independent, and build her self confidence. She is SO shy! I wish money grew on trees so I could really do that!

I have learned some things about Andrew recently:
He is a self starter and easily self motivated. He has a drive to be the best at all things, and he gets frustrated when he doesn't do well. You can really see that in his education and his sports and especially in his piano. I have to temper his competitive nature - even when he's just competing against his own self. I see so much of ME in that child recently, but don't tell his Daddy I said that. He is also one heck of a soccer player. He's aggressive in all the right ways and his skill level is increasing to make him a great little athlete. Others are noticing Andrew's athletic ability as we've overheard numerous complements. That has just made Andrew's little heart soar (and mine too!).

I love these days, and I just want to freeze time exactly the way it is. I don't want my kids to get any bigger, and I'm starting to realize just how quickly these "child days" last. Our newest adventure is playing hide and seek as a family. It's so much fun - try it!