Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Collisions of the Day

We live in a very quiet part of Orlando. So quiet that there are no gas stations. We do have a Publix, Walgreens & Papa Johns, but beyond that we have to drive at least 15 minutes to get to the next closest store.

Mat's been working a lot lately in preparation for the big summer competitions at WWOS. It's all good, but being ON 100% of the time has left me a bit frazzled. In fact, I almost ran out of gas...which around here is a BIG deal. Yesterday, I decided to get the kids all ready to go to the neighborhood pool when I remembered I needed gas. It's a hike to the gas station, but I was afraid that even if I just drove the mile to the pool, I wouldn't make it the 10 min up the road to the gas station. So we took a huge detour to get gas. I pulled into the parking lot of the strangest gas station ever and inches away just behind me there was a huge horrible accident. I pulled into a parking space to get gas (at the weird gas station you drive into parking spaces to fill up), and was nearly accosted by 3 guys who were commenting on me getting into the parking lot just in time! I'm sure I looked just like Andrew as my eyes were surely as big as saucers. Scary! And if I had been there a few seconds later, I would surely have got caught in the wreck traffic and ran out of gas on the highway in front of the gas station. God was watching out for us!

At the pool, Elizabeth HAD to be just like her big brother and dive into the pool over and over and over, and then she swam to me, back to the wall and then did the dive thing all over again. I finally had enough of catching her an hour later, but when we went to get out of the pool, Lizzy had a horrible 2 year old temper tantrum. It didn't help that there was the most dangerous "mommy play-date" going on at the pool, and children were running amuck, screaming, and shooting water guns at everyone. Several people just had enough of the idiot mom's who weren't watching their kids and left. Fortunately, we had made friends with a sweet family, and they helped me calm down by simply laughing. Laughter sometimes just makes everything a little better :)

Later that day, I had a collision with a frog on an evening stroll around the neighborhood with the family. Poor little frog was just jumping along the sidewalk and jumped right into my leg...and POOR ME. That slimy creature just freaked me out. I wiped the slime frog juice all over Andrew's shirt, and he thought it was hysterical. Mat was dying, and sweet Elizabeth was sympathetic and very worried. I nearly wet myself, and the rest of the way home, I was on the verge of wetting my pants....and we were over a mile away from home on foot! I was never so happy to get home.

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