Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things I Love

I love:

Lots of pillows
Curling myself into a ball to watch TV with my husband
Being frugal
My precious husband
The way Andrew pooches his lips out in "smooch style" when he concentrates
Spending time with my husband and children
Sharing fun times with friends
Going to Disney World
Rare snuggles with my children
Getting a sweet message from a friend
Chocolate Cake
Traveling and the excitement and planning that goes into a big trip
Wearing flip flops
The feeling after a good exercise
Playing board games or cards
Corn Mazes
Bejeweled Blitz
The idea (and hopefully soon the reality) of going on a cruise
My kids curls
My son's way of making people happy
The way Lizzy waits on whoever is last
Pizza and mostly anything fried :(
Homeschooling my children
Being a mom (most days)
The smell of a pumpkin spice or cinnamon candle
Lending a hand to a friend

I'm sure the list goes on and on, but these are my favorites for right now :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

100th post!

Whewee! We had a whirlwind weekend here in Orlando, and I have to say that it made me feel like a kid again. I loved it!

Mat took off work Friday, and we had plans to spend the entire day at Magic Kingdom with some amazing friends. We even woke up really early (6:45am to be exact - didn't know that time existed) to "open" the park, but we ended up being about 10 minutes late for just about everything the whole day...which is just fine really. We took our way leisurely through the park, and all of us enjoyed spending time together. I don't even recall any arguments throughout the entire day! It really is magical there!

Friday night we went over to decorate the new set for the children's ministry, and we stayed at the church until nearly 2am creating a "robot lab." It turned out amazing...will post pics when I can figure out how to download pics to the computer after doing a little tweaking to our old picture system. We had to go back the following day to finish details and clean up, but we did a fantastic job at ZERO expense!

The rest of the weekend was spent with amazing new friends. A favorite part of mine was that instead of fixing dinner for small group, we all brought appetizers and munched the whole night on some delicious food. I love eating, and I love appetizers! I even attempted (with much success) making my first ever pumpkin pie after Andrew and I found a recipe in a Halloween book that we read.

This week I need to catch up on some serious sleep!...but it was all worth it!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Older Than Methuselah

I love October...ALL things about it. It's the time of year when the leaves start changing and swirling around in the air. The weather turns a bit cooler. There are Fall Festivals and pumpkin patches with the occasional corn maze. Scare crows, hay bales, and other fall decorations come out of hiding to make beautiful decorations. There is even a crisp, fresh smell about October that I love. Living in Florida has only increased my love of the fall. The weather is a perfect 75 degrees with a gorgeous breeze, and you don't even need a jacket by the evening. Though I have to admit that my first tinge of homesickness has come as I see pictures and have dreams about going to Uncle Shuck's fabulous (though pricey) corn maze. I also miss the Stone Mountain activities more than I ever though I would - people here don't even know what Stone Mountain is!!!

October is also the month of my birthday, and that is where the title of this comes into play. Andrew and I have been studying the book of Genesis together, and I've so cherished that time of reading from the REAL Bible together. I had to chuckle when we read through the lineage of Noah though. I had forgotten that Noah's ancestors lived to be anywhere from 365 to 969 years old.

I enjoy celebrating my birthday, and I'm not embarrassed about my age. However, I am certainly starting to FEEL my age as I turn 33. I've had to go through things in just this one year alone that have made me feel old. I started getting mammograms, my gums are deteriorating so I have to go see the dentist about getting that fixed, there is a bad nerve somewhere that's cause my foot to be numb/tingly, and I drink more coffee than I did a year ago (probably just trying to muster the energy to get through the day).

I've thought, as I approach my 33 birthday, that Jesus was 33 when he died. What a life he lived in those 33 years! I'm grateful that I have a little bit longer to leave the right impression in this world - well at least I hope! But, I'm certainly glad that I won't live as long as Methuselah. He was 969 when he died, and he was 187 by the time he had his first son! I can't even begin to imagine the aches and pains that he experienced if I already feel like this at 33. I should be thankful that those first few generations were so evil that God shortened our life span to 120 years old...and then I'm sure our humanity continually decreased those years.

I know I've gone on a strange tangent, but have you ever thought of that?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sibling Fights

This morning was not unlike any other. Lizzy and Andrew fought. Don't get me wrong. they are completely in love, but they argue, fight, holler, squeal, squabble, and do all the other things siblings do.

This morning, they fought over who would get to carry Lizzy's diaper bag (that looks like a really cool purple zebra given to us by a special friend) to church. Andrew offered to carry it, and Lizzy screamed, "NO, I carry back pack ZZ's." ZZ is her name for herself.

I ended up carrying the bag, and I walked out to the car holding it. Andrew raced to the car. Lizzy was last to the car as always as she makes sure everyone else gets to where they need to be safely (she's very concerned about mothering already). As she walked to the car, she said, "I know Jesus. Andrew, you carry ZZ's back pack." Stunned, I put her in her car seat, handed her the bag, and she said it to Andrew again, "I know Jesus. Andrew, you carry back pack." Andrew was floored, noted the conversation, and excitedly shared the bag. They handed it back and forth "sharing like Jesus" as they so eloquently put it.

Proud mothering moment! Priceless!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweet Sibling Love

Andrew is a part of a private school which meets only once a week. I'm in a carpool so I don't have to drive but once every 4 weeks. Today was my 3rd time driving, and poor little sweet, Lizzy was just pathetic. As we left the parking lot, she was just balling and crying out for her brother. She's napping now, but she has said repetitively since leaving the school, "want Andrew."

A couple weeks ago, one of the other carpool drivers told me that Andrew said he couldn't wait to go home and see his baby sister. She was surprised by his sweet spirit...though that doesn't surprise me at all.

At least the love is reciprocated. My children love each other, and I hope they do forever! It makes me proud to be their mother...and maybe a wee bit jealous that they cry out for one another but never need their mom. Maybe I should go on a long trip...