Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A New Day

Each day brings challenges. Some are new challenges, and some are old constant challenges. I've been thinking a lot about challenges lately as I've been through some doosies.

First, there was the mistake with the speeding ticket that could have landed me in jail. Then there was the whole breast cancer scare. Other days I am just beside myself with knowing how to be the mom my children need. Most often I find myself failing miserably. I have high expectations of myself, but sometimes those expectations are impossible.

Today (so far at least) I've felt like a successful mom who has been attentive to the needs of my children, and we've had a wonderful day. My children are both VERY strong willed and loud. They test me continually. I'm preparing to homeschool Andrew, and there are moments that I think what in the world am I doing? This morning, we had a successful "practice" morning. Andrew worked hard on site words, handwriting, and reading while Lizzy colored - everything! She drew with crayon all over my dry erase board, spilled apple sauce on the tile, got into the markers...she was all over the place. But I remained calm, and Andrew stayed focused. I guess that's how our real school days will look on an ongoing basis. I felt super successful though b/c Andrew actually learned some things this morning in spite of the distractions!

As I've been studying Andrew this summer, I've got all kinds of unorthodox lessons planned. I can't wait for the real deal to start so I can implement them. In the meantime, we are working hard on site words!

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  1. Girl! You are really juggling things, aren't you? Hang in there sister!!! You will find the "groove" you need soon. Love ya. :)