Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Andrew's Perspective

It's been a busy few weeks and SO much fun. The fam came down to visit our new home in Windermere. We had lots of fun and made many wonderful memories. I hope they don't stay away for long. In the meantime, I'm enjoying some quality time with it being just the 4 of us.

My kids keep me laughing. Last night, we had a dinner party with the family of a guy Mat works with. There were 2 girls in the fam, nearly the same age as our children. So Andrew found out that there were girls coming, and he showered and got on his best clothes in preparation for their arrival. The girls were very pretty and super sweet. At the end of the night, Lizzy was playing with her dolls (clear proof that she needs some little girl interaction), and Andrew was wishing the girls were his sisters.

Today, we went to church, ate lunch at a place called Pom Pom's (yummO), and went to get fitted for shoes - the shoes part didn't work out so well for me, but Mat got a nice new pair. On the way home, we stopped by Publix to get the paper (gotta get those coupons). In the parking lot (at the entrance to Publix on bikes), there was a man reading the riot act to his son. Mat and I commented that the boy likely did something dangerous to scare the father into giving the stern lecture, and Andrew hollers at the exact same time, "That's what kids do." Thought it was funny how we each had a different perspective of what was happening.

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