Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Simple Wonderful Days

I have 2 funny stories to share with you today and then just some cute stuff.

Yesterday, we went shopping at Sam’s Club, and Lizzy picked out some pull-ups with Princesses on them. We got home, went back out and ran errands, and then put a pull-up on Lizzy. She was really excited, and we talked about not peeing on Cinderella. So far, she has gone potty in the potty about 3-4 times (losing count) b/c she doesn’t want to “peepee on Cindy-rella” (you should really call her to hear her say it herself). We’re on day 2 of the potty training, and so far, she loves getting M&M (although she is asking for money instead) as a reward. We’ll see how long this lasts 

Story #2: I made everyone’s favorite meal for dinner last night…dun dun du duh – Chicken de van. Lizzy was double fisting it into her mouth after giving a good go of it with the fork and giving up. Andrew had a huge first portion & asked for a second portion which he ate in 10 seconds flat. Mat & I were enjoying actually getting to eat together when Andrew ran to the trash can to toss his cookies. Seems he ate a bit too much of his favorite food…all the while still proclaiming that he LOVED chicken de van. Poor guy ;) He’s totally fine now, but he did over eat!

Today, we are enjoying a relaxing day at home. The kids are wreaking havoc in Lizzy’s room playing with all her “new found” toys that have been hiding in her closet. I’m loving it. The kids also both got new shoes after their oblivious mother realized they were both wearing shoes over a size too small. The new shoes all light up so occasionally we shut the door, close the blinds, turn off the lights, and the kids do a light shoe by stomping their shoes on the ground.

It’s days like these that I remember why I love my life!

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