Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was amazing. Emily came to visit us. I love when she comes b/c she's just easy. I don't have to worry about anything, and there is no stress involved with her visiting. In fact, I trust her with my kids which is saying a lot b/c I never trust anyone with them. She loves them as much (excluding anything gross) as I do, and she watches them like a hawk. They love her as much in return.

I had one of the biggest laughs ever while Millie Mouse was here. Lizzy is potty training, and I had her in a shirt - only. I slap wore Emily out, and that sound sleeper that she is didn't realize that Elizabeth was staring directly in her face as she was reclined back in her chair dead asleep. Well, until the doorbell rang...which scared the pee slap out of Lizzy and woke Em out of a dead slumber. I was in my nightgown so I couldn't answer the door, and it's a hike to the front door from the room we were in so Emily got up and RAN to the front door. On her way, she RAN through Lizzy's pp. After she answered the door and our guests left, she said, "there is a puddle beside my chair." OMG, I haven't laughed so hard in a while. I had to mop the entire house all the while I was belly laughing. If you knew Em, you'd know that she HATES anything bodily and gross. A short while later, Lizzy peed by my chair at my feet (all on tile) so I dawned her with a diaper and called the potty training done for a while. That made me belly laugh all over again!

Recap of the weekend:

took Em around Windermere, Dr. Phillips, Magic Kingdom, the Cast Connections store where you can get all things Disney super at a super discounted rate, went to church at First Baptist Orlando, got lost on all the $%&* toll roads & spent a fortune finding my way, went to the outlet mall where I possibly spent $150, took Andrew to his first swimming lesson, got very little sleep, enjoyed a fresh pork roast hot off the big green egg, got to eat at some yummy places, tried Vegan food & nearly lost my supper, went to the Mall of Melinia (sp?) & didn't enjoy it at all b/c it's way tooooo expensive, loved on my babies, laughed at Andrew's funny comments, watched fireworks, and did I mention I got little sleep?

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