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Our Family

Monday, June 21, 2010

Creepy Critters

I'm pretty sure I have found the place where I was born to live. I LOVE living in Florida. Yes, it's hot and humid, it rains every day, and there are lots of bugs here. BUT I don't mind using bug spray (as long as I remember to apply it), and I'm getting used to the heat. I've also learned to love rain b/c it cools off the world...even if it just last for a few minutes. In fact, I have found myself wanting a light jacket even when it's 75 degrees...hahaha!

I do believe I underestimated the critters though. When we moved here, Mat & Andrew dug a snake skin out of the AC outside. Lizards scamper whenever you walk by. Mosquitoes are everywhere. This week though...I've had my FILL of creepy crawly slimy dirty critters!

While swimming in a very nice pool on Saturday (with the Bridger fam here from Atlanta), we looked over to find a snake swimming with us - eek! Yesterday, I felt a bug crawling on my hand and looked down to find a roach - brought back horrid memories of cleaning out Aunt Shirley's roach infested house. Today at VBS (I'm helping in Andrew's class at our new church's VBS this week), I saw a snake slithering on the sidewalk in front of me very close to where Elizabeth was - stay FAR away from me but further away from my baby! And in one of the classrooms, I found a dead frog and 2 dead lizards - which were promptly cleaned up by other Florida natives (which I was thankful that they spared me that task)! I went out to move my "pot" garden more into the sunshine and stood up to find 4 large sandhill cranes standing right beside me - yikes!

I'm sure I'll grow some tougher skin the more frequently I see stuff like this, but seriously, snakes are snakes and will never be comfort critters!

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