Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dare we have a Normal Week?

This week has been full. Here are some of the events in no particular order b/c I can't remember ;)

We went to see the Summer Nightastic fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. While we were there, we rode Dumbo. Mine was broken - of course! Mat's pretty sure that the imagineers are gonna call me any day now to ask me to please stop riding all Disney rides so that they will stop breaking. Em, you know what I'm talking about!

We aren't even unpacked yet, and I'm already rearranging the rooms. We haven't used the living room at all so I moved our office into it creating a private office room for guests. It utilizes space so much better than the way I previously had it!

We went to Yellow Dog Eats - def something worth writing about and remembering! Tho, I skipped out on the BEST chocolate cake ever b/c of calories :(

We visited a new church named Mosaic. I didn't prefer the music although I gotta hand it to them b/c it was a rock-n-roll church, BUT the music wasn't too loud! A huge plus in my book! And the pastor was AWESOME! Seriously, he's like a French Andy Stanley. I totally learned a billion things in that message b/c he spoke so fast.

Mat taught Andrew to blow snot rockets.

I ran/walked my first 5K! I was so proud of myself, but my shins are not holding up so well. In fact, they just hurt to do nothing at all :(

The kids both had swimming lessons...Andrew started his second week while Lizzy started her first week.

Lizzy spiked a 103+ temp. She has roseola - yay :( She's been screaming bloody murder which is very unlike her.

I painted Lizzy's nails - all 20 of them. That's a difficult task that will likely never happen again during the toddler years.

We got our pool key, and we've been there every day! One day we got there, and literally 2 minutes after getting in the water it started thundering so we hopped out. The thunder lasted a LONG time so we bailed. The storm came out of nowhere! I'd heard tales of storms like that, but I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes...

Andrew discovered books on tape! I had 3 which he's already enjoyed so we have to go get more at the library - pronto! He gets super quiet, and that's rare!

We planted a pot garden.

I'm exhausted, and it's only Tuesday - I think?!

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