Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Circle Christian School

Yesterday, I had a full day learning about homeschooling and learning about Circle Christian School. Basically, Circle Christian is a private school for homeschool students. It used to be a branch of Masters Academy in Georgia, but the franchise fees got expensive so they just started doing things their own way but still much like Masters. It's an amazing school with amazingly Godly people who have a passion for homeschool education. They provide support, encouragement, extra curricular classes, and a group of friends as an outlet for students to be creative. We have decided to send Andrew to their school one day a week starting in August, and I am so excited about it!

In the meantime, I am working to find math and language arts curriculum for Andrew. I have some leads, and Circle has a curriculum specialist to help me as well as much of the curriculum that I can actually SEE before I purchase anything. The people are all so kind and helpful, and they haven't pressured me a bit to do things their way. I am so thankful to have found this group of people.

I am also working to get my homeschool room ready. We have all our school stuff in our office currently, but we aren't using our living room at all so I think I'm going to move the homeschool room into the living room. It's huge, and now we'll be using the room instead of passing it by all the time to get from the kids rooms to our den/kitchen area. It's going to be a lot of work, but I'm excited about the prospect of getting it done!

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