Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Andrew was asking a bunch of questions about kangaroos so I decided to google it and show Andrew what the internet had to say about them. We learned all kinds of cool stuff like kangaroos are marsupials, and even after they birth their babies (aka Joeys), they stay in the pouch for 9 months before ever separating from their momma. They only venture out for little walks until they are 18 months, and they can even keep their new babies in their tummies for longer if they still have a Joey in their pouch. Ya know...all kinds of cools stuff.

Then I let Andrew look at the pics of kangaroos by himself by clicking on pics of kangaroos on google. I checked to make sure that the pics were safe first, and for the most part, they were. He found the picture I've posted in this blog.

Fast forward a bit to supper time. Mat was asking about what we did today, and I asked Andrew to tell Mat about what he knew about kangaroos. Andrew said, "I know they have mustaches and they drink root beer b/c I saw a picture of that."


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