Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What a Day!

Yesterday started out with a BANG...literally as the storms were so loud that they woke us up. Andrew and I bounced out of bed anticipating the excitement of the day. We had an hour or together time before the craziness began. I love my little guy.
Around 8:30am, a giant moving truck with 3 big guys arrived at our house ready to pack us up. It's still parked there now, and the 3 guys are quickly packing all our belongings. My sweet friend even made us cupcakes and brought extras for the moving guys. Thank you, Sarah. Cupcakes make a super yummy breakfast! Hahaha! And I think the moving guys are taking extra good care of us now that you gave them sweets!
Andrew went to school like it was a regular day, but at noon, his teacher called saying he was really sick. I rushed to pick him up worried about what could be wrong. He's had Scarlet Fever, and he has had terrible tummy aches in addition to his entire body itching and now molting. When I got him, he was so pale...and he looked very ill (especially since he had just eaten a blue Popsicle and his lips were blue too!). He didn't have fever, and after a visit with our pediatrician, we feel much better knowing that the lymph nodes in his tummy are swollen and healing. My sweet boy has been through so much with this terrible sickness. I hate it for him. A big thank you goes out to his wonderful teachers for taking such good care of him. I even got a text message from another parent whose child went home worried about Andrew being so sick. We are so blessed with wonderful friends.

After the movers were gone for the evening, we took Andrew AND Elizabeth to the grandparents who were begging for the kids - and the kids were begging to go over there in return. We took advantage of our kid free night and went on a date to Bone Fish and Borders. Yum-O fun times!

We got home, and Mat had a fit. He forgot to pack his retainers so he started unpacking all the boxes trying to find them. About 45 min later, he found them all nicely set aside by his loving wife. I tried to tell him I packed them, but he was freaking out so badly that he couldn't find them. I wish you could have heard the panic of the missing retainers. He was so funny, but I couldn't laugh b/c he was getting mad. He laughed heartily after the incident was over - guess it was his form of a breakdown with all this moving stuff happening. So funny!

So here we begin another day. The movers are back. Our belongings are about ready to go on the truck, and we're just tying up some last min details. I've already eaten my cupcake for the day :), and I'm sipping on some Starbucks coffee. What a day! - I can hear Jack from Jack's Big Music Show saying that in the back of my head.

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