Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy Days

I don't think it's possible for life to get busier or more complicated. As I say this, I can hear all the people yelling never say never. Seriously, I know each day of life holds new challenges, and some are more complicated than others. None can be more full than my days are right now. I'm sure other things will make my days stay full though.

We arrived in Orlando on Thursday, May 6. We spent 2 nights at Port Orleans Riverside, a Disney hotel. It was wonderful. The first night we enjoyed a yummy dinner at Yellow Dog Eats with a couple of Mat's co-workers and got to Riverside pretty late. We enjoyed some fun at Epcot with friends on Friday including some pool time too. It was wonderful to see the Boyt family in our new home! We also go the keys to our new house & dropped Sydney off at the house. Saturday we enjoyed a boat ride to Downtown Disney, and then the work started at about lunch time.

Mat and I scoured our entire house before the movers arrived with our furniture on Monday. I'm talking baseboards, potties, doors...the whole nine yards! Mat also worked during that time, and the kids were completely wild with a huge empty house to occupy. I'm thankful that they didn't discover the empty cabinets until just before they were filled. Even that included a smashed finer or two.

The movers arrived late. By Monday at 12:30, they arrived, and the bustle of activity began. I didn't imagine how much work would be involved even having movers. They needed us to tell them where each box went and where each piece of furniture belonged. Plus there was the whole wild child thing going on too. By 9:45 they left, just before the fireworks started - seriously. We though someone was burglarizing the house, but it was just the fireworks that we can see from our house AND hear clearly. Crazy stuff!

Tuesday, we found out Nani passed away, and I feverishly began unpacking boxes in order to repack stuff for a funeral in Atlanta. I was very successful at accomplishing the main unpacking, and while there is still lots of little stuff to finish, we are feeling very good about our progress.

We flew standby on Friday to Atlanta (ya know the whole wake up at 4am to be still late getting to the flight and running through the airport like you're on Home Alone). Yep, that's what happened, but we made the flight and arrived in Atlanta for a brief one night trip. We were able to visit with all our family including the Yankees from NY. We ate at John Boys with Nani, my grandfather, and gathered again for the funeral at Lilburn First, the same church where Mat and I married 8 years ago. We stayed up way too late enjoying the fellowship with all 4 siblings and their clans. The night ended with a dance off, and I won. No videos will follow!!!

Our flight back to Atlanta was tricky. We had to fly to Tampa & drive back to Orlando. We decided that we deserved a trip to the beach for a little seafood and sand so we drove to the coast first causing us to arrive in Windermere pretty late.

Today, we visited First Baptist Windermere which I really enjoyed. I'm interested in going back...we'll see what mat's opinion is. We differ in our church requirements. I want a wonderful fellowship first and foremost. We need a family here, and while I want to grow in Christ, I'd rather have a great group of fellow believers. I did enjoy our SS class there too.

So now I should be clipping coupons or napping, but I'm procrastinating. Hope you enjoy our roller coaster rides. People were saying that they were jealous of our trip to the beach, but if they knew all the work we'd been doing or the fatigue we felt, I'm sure they wouldn't be jealous but feel sorry for us instead :(

Life is an adventure, but I love it! A little more sleep would be nice though :)

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