Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, May 16, 2010


The older Andrew gets, the more he is like his father. Yes, I'm scared. The day we moved in, Mat discovered a snake skin in the a/c outside our house. Mat showed Andrew, and they worked together to get that skin out of the vent. They both enjoyed shoving it in my face just like boys would.

Andrew also has fully grasped the meaning of sarcasm. He jokes around JUST like his father. Sometimes I don't even know who I'm talking with b/c they are just the same!

The other night I served pork chops and sour kraut for supper. When I put the dish in front of Andrew, he nearly cried when he asked "why did you serve me living onions?" We always tease him about giving him liver & onions, and this was his interpretation. So funny!

He loves to walk around holding Lizzy's hand. They not only look super cute, but it's also very helpful to me when I have my hands full. Andrew told me the other day while having difficulty keeping Lizzy at arms reach that he was "squeezing the food out of Lizzy's hand." He though all this time it was food instead of fool. We aren't willing to tell him what it really is.

I so enjoy hearing his cute misinterpretations. It always puts a smile on my face! I love that kid!

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