Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Walk in the Neighborhood

We walked through the neighborhood last night for our exercise. It was simply GORGEOUS with perfect weather as we all (including Sydney who is doing just fine after her run in with a large piece of glass. We all covered ourselves in bug spray (which didn’t smell at all - seriously) for our walk. It was near sunset at 7:30, and the sun was just glistening perfectly in the lakes we passed by. I can’t even express how pretty it was. Andrew did a great job keeping up with us, and Lizzy enjoyed her stroll. At one point, Andrew loudly exclaimed “why is that old man in front of us walking so slow.” Wow, embarrassing! The man CLEARLY heard him, and I died laughing (inside). Mat wanted to sink into the sidewalk, and exclaimed, “that’s just great, Andrew.” It was hard to maintain my composure as I lectured Andrew for his rude comment and apologized to the old man  The walk was going perfectly up to that point and quickly went downhill from there. Andrew started running, Mat (who was walking Syd) ran to catch him, Mat passed by Andrew, and Mat completely wiped Andrew out with the dog leash. Poor Andrew! I just knew we were going to have to take a trip to the ER with a broken or sprained ankle, but Andrew is fine.

So for a first walk, I enjoyed all but the last 5 minutes of it. It sure was pretty!

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