Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I think I'm pretty accepting of change. Sometimes I don't like it, but most often I embrace it and go. This move has been a whole new level of change. We've had a TON going on including 2 sick children (one of them VERY sick & still isn't quite right), a husband out of town for over a month while I single handedly prepared for our move from Atlanta while Mat worked on the arrangements on the Orlando side, a death of a loved one, and the list could go on. I was really doing well until last night when I went to the grocery store.

I had planned to shop in the morning right after I took Andrew to the doctor. The appointment went a little longer than planned b/c they had to do a full blood work analysis on him. WOW the drama! So then we went to Burger King (where they were supposed to have Iron Man 2 toys but didn't) as a reward for them having to take SIX viles of blood. So I had to grocery shop AFTER nap time.

I had all my coupons in hand, and NO, they don't double coupons :( I walked in the store and started my journey down the isles only to find NOTHING was in the right spot. 5 minutes into my shopping experience I was on the verge of a panic attack, and that was even before the kids started screaming and biting each other.

I HATE grocery shopping in the first place. Even more, I HATE shopping at a "different" grocery store than I'm used to. To make matters worse, I apparently ended up shopping at the same time as everyone else in Windermere, and I was constantly in the way of other shoppers. Everywhere I went people were reaching over me to grab something, and I just wanted to scream at them, "can't you just wait a minute?" I came home crying b/c the whole experience was a disaster.

But I did get my groceries, and I did save nearly half of the original cost using coupons. Maybe Mat can shop in the future :(

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  1. I try to shop in the evening when Bill is home! Makes life a little easier. Just a thought. : ) Emily