Our Family

Our Family

Monday, May 24, 2010

Searching for a Church...Oh, and God's Will Too

We've been here for just a few Sundays, and honestly, it's NO fun searching for a church home. It's a long process. I mean, really, Sunday only rolls around once a week, and we are on the brink of Wednesday night church ending.

We were REALLY spoiled having a wonderful large Baptist church only 5 minutes from home in Dacula with ample opportunities for my entire family separately and together. You name it, Hebron offers it.

Windermere is so different. We are basically out in the country. Nearly everything is a bit of a drive from our home.

We visited First Baptist Orlando (about 25 min away), and while we enjoyed it and it offers nearly all that Hebron did, it's not close enough to just hope over to church. You have to plan for church.

We visited the local First Baptist Church in downtown Windermere which is only a whopping 5 min from our house. It isn't nearly as large as Hebron, and it doesn't have all the activities to offer to the community - yet. I say yet, for this reason...the church started and they grew into another building not far away. They operated as 2 separate churches after a while until recently. The pastor of the newer church got frustrated and LEFT handing over the church keys to the first pastor only 6 weeks ago. This left the church hurting. Members left and now the original church is coming along side this baby church and providing leadership and stability.

I tell you all this to say...it's not easy finding a church. And I'm finding it difficult to know the difference between my wants and God's will. Should we make the trek all the way to Orlando or should we plant it in Windermere. And if Windermere is where God wants us, should we stick to the stable growing church or is God calling us to be leaders at a hurting church that so desperately needs us? Would helping in this capacity be me or God? Ugh, to know God's will...

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  1. You will make it Genny, I know you will. It's tough finding that new home, but in time, God will reveal it to you.

    ...and I didn't know you went to Hebron? How neat!