Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 28, 2010

Too Many Choices

Life is funny that way. I think that the olden days would have been so much easier b/c there weren't as many choices to make. You just did what you had to do to survive. Now we have choices galore.

I've been recently burdened by deciding what to do with Andrew's school, where to go to church, what neighborhood to live in, where to go to the doctor, and the list goes on. It's a blessing to have too many choices, but sometimes it feels like a curse. What I do know is that God has directed us each step of the way. He's provided us in ways I never thought possible. Here are a few ways:

1. He provided an amazing house for us in a wonderful neighborhood. He clearly shut the door on the house we wanted in another neighborhood. While we LOVE, our house, our neighborhood, and the fact that we can watch the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom, we do NOT like the school district. That led us to another provision.

2. He has flug open the doors to homeschool. I never thought this would be what God had in store for me, but it's clear now that it's been God's plan for us all along. In addition, we visited a SS class which led us to a community of homeschool families & support. There are 2 major homeschool support groups in our area, and I'm currently praying about which one to get involved with.

3. Mom & Dad allowed us to bring their piano to Florida, and while it was difficult to get it, I can't wait to get Andrew started with lessons. We've already met an experienced teacher, and Andrew starts piano lessons in a little over a week.

4. We are in the midst of selling our restaurant in Atlanta, and we needed a lawyer to help with the paper work. The lawyer needed to be licensed in Georgia, but we wanted to meet with him and know him. Can you believe that God sent us just the guy?! He's the campus pastor of a church we visited.

5. Our A/C broke the other night. We called Emily to get so 411 since she now has the lowdown on all things a/c related after her horrible job experience. She wasn't home, but Mat found the problem. He was able to patch it until the repair man came so we never had to go w/out a/c - and in Florida, that's something for which we are very thankful!

Isn't God amazing. His provision constantly blows me away. Can you believe that God has even provided us with the little things in addition to the huge things. I guess I expect the big things to be cared for, but those little things are what keep me shaking my head in amazement! I serve an awesome God! While it seems like I have too many choices, God has directed our family to the exact place he wants us from Florida, to church, to a SS class, and to our neighborhood. I can't wait to see what He has in store for us next!

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