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Our Family

Friday, January 7, 2011

Another New Year

I hate New Year's Resolutions. Not because I never follow through with them, but because I just think that a New Year doesn't need to be the reason to begin a life goal.

I recently read an introduction to a book by Beth Moore. She clearly and so eloquently described the power of new beginnings. She said that she had a bad day once, and that at the end of the bad day her husband asked her about her day. The only thing she could say was that the bad day just got worse so she was thankful for a new beginning in the morning. She said that we not only get a new beginning at each year but also each month, each week, and each day. I loved her description as I could relate. Sometimes I yearn for a new morning too - especially having two young children who constantly bicker and just wear me down. I so need a new beginning after the year I've had.

So this year I'm thankful for my new beginning. Not so I can make new resolutions. I'm just glad to flee from 2010 and never look back. I'm in a new city, and I know that God has big things in store for me. I'm anxious to see just what they are!

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  1. I like new beginnings also..It's a way to cleanse ad regroup and reflect on how and what I can do to be better and make changes within myself. I sometimes have to stop in the middle of a day and just find a place to pray and start over. Somehow the lord always calms me and gives me good insight into what I need to do to make the situation better or just allow things to happen and not make me crazy. Genny we should talk sometime. We think a lot alike and I appreciate you so much.