Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monkey Toes

I just had to share...

This morning has been a little wonkey. Andrew had a nightmare, slept super late, and then we had to take the car for some work. That has pushed school time a little later than normal, but we're working hard to learn learn learn around here.

Andrew had a math test today. After the test, he's supposed to color a page in his math book. Today it was a monkey holding his test scores with his little feet sticking out from under the scores. Andrew colored it, and I watched as he bent down and smelled the monkey feet. Elizabeth went over to Andrew's math book, bent over and smelled the monkeys toes, and all giggles erupted as Andrew told Lizzy, "it's not scratch and sniff, Lizzy!" Then they laughed and laughed about how they smelled the monkeys toes.

Learning isn't just about knowing, and I love how it fills our house with laughter and joy! That's my favorite part about being a homeschool mom.

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