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Our Family

Friday, December 17, 2010

Security Blankets

Andrew never got attached to anything, but Elizabeth has serious attachments to her blanket. If it's in the wash, she cries and cries. We've left it in Atlanta, and my family had to bring it back to us. I believe that is when the attachment started (which was only like 4 or 5 months ago).

Since then, we've left it at a friends house (who lovingly washed it for me so it would at least be clean upon return). That night Elizabeth woke up screaming for her Blankie. She got little sleep. Funny part is that we have a jacket that matches the blanket nearly exactly, and even that would NOT do.

Yesterday we left it in the car just to go into a swimming lesson. When she got back into the car she picked it up and squeezing & hugged it exclaiming, "I missed you so much, Blankie. Were you scared? Mommy, Blankie was scared." What a riot! You can see a little into her comical personality with her comment. She is "scared" of nearly everything herself so she would project that onto her Blankie :)

She is currently sitting beside me watching Veggie Tales holding the blanket and rubbing her fingers along the seam...which is what she loves to do best. It's already starting to look a little dingy. Maybe I should try to find another one, but I'm pretty sure it's long gone. I got it on sale at Target for $1. I was going to add it to a baby gift for a friend. I was on my way to deliver the gift when Elizabeth saw the blanket and wanted. I though...well, it was only $, and I took it out of the gift. It's now her most loved earthly possession...almost a little idolic. Maybe I should have left it in the gift.

As an aside, Andrew LOVES to harass his sister by "stealing" her blanket. In fact, that reminds me that the other day when we were at the Steven's house, she ran up to my friend Jenny saying, "Ms. Jenny, someone stole my blankie." We all got a good laugh out of that! And then there was the other night. We went to a small group Christmas dinner, and the oldest Steven's girl watched the kids. We forgot her blanket, and she woke up screaming for it. The babysitter even tried giving her a ton of other stuffed animals AND her jacket that is identical to the blanket. Then she called in panic mode...I NEED that blanket. I hear that right after that call, Lizzy got so tired that she went to her crib at their house and asked to go night night. Super funny!

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  1. My Bekah was the same, Steph never had an attachment, but Bekah had her "stinky" blankey. She had it from day one, a nice white blanket with a satin edge. The edge she would suck on to pacify her when upset or tired. We washed it very cautiously. Had to sneak it while she napped and make sure it was dry before she woke up. She too would never go anywhere without it or sleep without it. We learned this VERY quickly. As she got older and the blanket go more use and started tearing, we would trim it with scissors. Before we threw it out it was a four inch square that she slept with. Once it was thrown out, we had to have almost a memorial service for the loved item. She doesn't have any attachment anymore, I miss the stinky blanket days.