Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Surfing the Web

Someone mentioned that she enjoyed reading my blog, and I haven't been posting anything in so long. I've not been away, and we are doing a great job of simplifying. Instead, I discovered some websites and blogs that I'm enjoying so much that I've been crafting away. I haven't made anything fancy, but I have found some educational websites through Pintrest and through other sites that I've actually stopped and used. Andrew is making lapbooks while Elizabeth does her own "school." I really dig this whole homeschool thing, and I'll have to post pics of all the crazy fun school we've had.

Everything is going well at our house, and we are just enjoying life together. Andrew's smarts seem to keep up with his size instead of his age. He's growing by leaps and bounds. As an early 7 year old boy, he already weighs 71 pounds...and it's not fat. He's also wearing a size 4 shoe. By far, he is larger than anyone else his age. He just finished reading his very first very fat chapter book that also had small letters - Mr. Popper's Penguins. He is super excited to get to watch the movie, but he feels sure that the movie won't be as good as the book. He reads better than I do, and he really enjoys it. We can't keep enough good books around for his liking. I'm thankful that we have a heavy reading based curriculum b/c he loves it. Andrew is also playing marvelous pieces of music on the piano. What was so challenging to me in piano comes so naturally for him. He does practice, and he is really getting into the first really hard stuff where his hands are changing keys during a song. It's only like the 3rd level, but I think it's pretty spectacular. I love hearing him play.

Elizabeth is growing so very quickly and she's a giant. She is much taller than her little friends, and she has the big foot to go along with her height. We have some friends that pass clothes to her, and while they send the shoes too, she has usually already outgrown them. She is really a smart cookie, and she keeps us in stitches with her words. She understands sarcasm, and her favorite thing is making us laugh...which she does often. She is really quick to understand our real meaning (and if you know us, we are always silly), and she is so cleaver to make a witty comment about anything she hears. She is also very shy so often, we are the only ones to catch a glimpse into her comedy. She loves all things cat especially playing kitty, and now she is just as excited as her big brother to be playing piano. The teacher, and my dear friend, started giving her 5 minutes of lessons at the beginning of Andrew's lesson. I didn't think she'd be nearly as diligent about practicing, but she enjoys it...but on a much slower pace than her big brother.

We are enjoying a very warm winter. I think there were just a couple of weeks that we wore jeans and long sleeves, but now we're back in our tank tops and shorts. It's already in the 80's again. I love the warm weather, but I feel a little sad that we didn't get to wear sweats for long. We have lots of fun things planned over the next couple of weeks including a long awaited birthday party for Andrew. It should be a very exciting February!

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