Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Prayers Please MRI

To all my praying friends who read this blog:

Andrew has been going through testing to determine if he has grave's disease. It's basically a thyroid disease that can be regulated by medicine. He's already had blood work, gone to visit the eye doctor, and today, we are having an MRI done. He is anxious and a little excited. He gets to stay awake from the test, and then I guess we will have the results shortly. We have a wonderful pediatrician, and she is the one who asked us to have the testing done. She said that grave's disease can cause calcification's to form on the muscle behind Andrew's eye. By getting the MRI on his orbit, we can see that muscle clearly and see if any calcification's have already grown causing his eye to stick out a little. If we can catch it, we can prevent the growth of these calcifications, and we can preserve Andrew's eye sight. Currently, we have to see the eye doctor every 6 months to see if his vision has changed at all, and as of now, he has perfect eyesight.

My prayer is that the tests are clear, and the doctor's will know for sure if it's grave's disease or not. I also ask for prayer for Andrew who will have to sit completely still for the duration of this test.

Thank you for your prayers and for caring for our family!

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