Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Special Days with Crazy Experiences

Man, these days have been so much fun! This morning we are in all up early. Mat headed off to work for the 3rd weekend in February :( so the kids and I got our breakfast and did something I NEVER allow the children to do. We took our breakfast into the living room and started watching a movie...Marley & Me. I am now sitting snuggled up with my kiddos, and we are laughing hysterically at the silly things the dog does. I could get used to starting my day laughing like this! One of my favorite lines from the movie is when McSteamy from Grey's is asked why he is laughing so hard and his response is "b/c I am incredibly immature." I'm gonna have to use that!

Yesterday, we dissected 2 fetal pigs. We have been learning about the body so we got a close look at the different organs inside the pig while the kids recited their memory work describing the different organs and their functions. What a cool experience! The kids got to do most of the cutting, and I think we saw some budding doctors in our little group. My little Andrew was super fascinated with the heart. The dissection took place at this huge completely awesome park in Winter Garden called Chapin Station. It's the same park where we had Andrew's big birthday party. We stayed there all afternoon playing after all the gross stuff was over.

The day before that, we met a bunch of wonderful homeschool friends at the playground close to our house. Andrew finished up most of his first grade work this week...at least the work that he has in books. He was highly motivated when he got to the last 10 pages in each of his books, and the play dates were just extra motivation for him to hunker down and get his work done. I'm considering planning play dates ever day if we can get this much progress out of Andrew! We won't stop doing school, but it's so exciting to know that we are ahead!

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