Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Baking Christmas Treats

Oh my...I have to have put on 10 pounds this month with all the Christmas treats I've enjoyed. I think one of my favorite activities this year was the day of baking we did as a family. We make sugar cookies galore, and they were a touch more healthy b/c we used coconut oil instead of butter. I made a batch of butter sugar cookies just for a comparison, and you could not tell much of a difference as both were delicious. 6 dozen cookies and a few days later, Mat is about to start icing some of the cookies with homemade frosting. Elizabeth is just beside herself with excitement. She's asked Mat a million questions, but the sweetest line was (said with much enthusiasm while jumping up and down clapping) Yay, I love coloring cookies! Usually after a few questions, Mat gets a little short, but he has patiently answered her every question. I think he is as excited about the little cookie decorating project as Lizzy is.

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