Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 16, 2012

MRI Results are IN...

Andrew does NOT have graves disease! Yay!!! We were excited to hear the great news yesterday. Many of you know that he came down with strep the night of the MRI, but he bounced back to life 24 hours into the antibiotics. The only thing we missed out on was Awana. Andrew was sad about that, but we were excited to have a night of "down time."

Lizzy is allergic to cold weather, and with the change in weather, we have had to break out the nebulizer. She's been on albuteral and 2 rounds of steroids, and still I can't get her to stop coughing. Poor thing!

We haven't let this keep us back. Tuesday, we had the best time making chocolate treats together at a chocolate factory in downtown Orlando. I think it's going to be a new valentine tradition to make chocolate somewhere! The kids got to take home a pound of chocolate each. I finally just let them finish eating it all. I'm sure they will start bouncing off the ceiling in a few minutes, and I will likely regret my decision. I just hate the begging and would rather deal with the sugar rush all at once. It beat Lizzy. She ended up putting some back in the fridge for later. She does look delicious with a nice chocolate ring around her mouth. Her pudgy little fingers and rounded belly are just too cute for words. Andrew also had smudge of chocolate on his face, but he used a baby wipe to clean himself.

And still 30 minutes out from the pound of chocolate, Andrew is still making wise choices and playing calmly!

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