Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Awesome...Elizabeth just handed me a piece of pre-chewed roast beef. Yes, I had a roast beef sandwich for breakfast b/c I happen to hate breakfast (well, for the most part). Then she proceeded to hit Andrew and pull his hair. I sent her to the naughty step, and she went on her own willingly (for the first time). She sat there contentedly (which I don't think is what's supposed to happen b/c there should be remorse?) but ok. Then I went to retrieve her from the step, and she looked up at me with those gorgeous big blue eyes, snot streaming out of both nostrils (b/c she wouldn't be Lizzy if she didn't have a runny nose) and said "Sossy." I think I'm in love. How could this sweet girl, be anything but wonderful. This one pic was taken after she used a red pen to draw on the hotel's white bedsheets.

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