Our Family

Our Family

Friday, April 16, 2010

School Blues

It seems like every time I blink my eyes there is another decision to be made. We finally were able to secure a house. I'm super excited, but anxious at the same time. Here's the deal:

I'm not thrilled with the public elementary school in the area. Andrew will be starting Kindergarten this coming August, and so I've toured EVERYWHERE. If you read my blog, you've seen my concerns for Andrew about school. It seems like the moment I decided to send Andrew to our local public school in our area, God had other plans for us - like moving to Florida.

God clearly wants us to have this house as all other doors completely shut, but the school doesn't give me warm fuzzies. It's not that kid of situation. There are lots of reasons for the lack of peace for this school, but the top reason is b/c they won't let me tour the place. I've called a handful of times only to be put through to the AP's voice mail. I finally decided to just go over there. They said I had to wait to get a return phone call to 'schedule' a tour. It's been over 2 weeks now and nodda...no phone call, no scheduled tour, no entry into the school period. So I sat in the parking lot and freakishly "stalked" the school. I've found some interesting things that don't set my heart at peace. I did finally get a phone call from a 2nd grade teacher after telling my Realtor in FL my woes. He also lives in my new neighborhood, and our neighbor is that 2nd grade teacher. She didn't put my worries to rest but added to them through our discussion.

My current plan is to PRAY first and foremost. I feel like I need a clear sign after all we are talking about my precious first born one and only sweet son here. I'm currently learning all I can about home school. I simply want what's best for Andrew - not just what I feel is best for him. I want GOD'S WILL. Now if I could just figure out what that is.

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