Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beautiful Busy Weekend

This weekend was filled with t-ball games, fun times with friends and family, and sweet memories with my children.

As a mom, each day can be challenging. As a currently single mom, I'm trying to relish in the sweet moments. This weekend there were tons of them.

Elizabeth learned to say "love you." She first said it to my nearly 90 year old grandfather who came out for Andrew's t-ball game. It meant the world to him. Then she said it on a message she left for Mat, and he turned into a puddle of mush.

Andrew has been an angel. He's done just about everything I've asked him to do immediately, and he's been so responsible that most often, I haven't had to ask him to do things I need done. Fed the dog. Fed the baby. Helped me in general just get things done. We've had moments of "challenging times," but they have been brief - thankfully!

Elizabeth sat between Emily & Papa for dinner. She HAS to touch people all the time, but this particular time she kept touching Papa which was getting food from her hands all over his arm and shirt sleeve. He gently asked her to keep her hands to herself. Emily was a little more forceful with her reprimand, and Elizabeth pooched that bottom lip out so far - and it quivvered! I tried to get a pic, but then I felt so bad that I comforted her instead.

It was a sweet reward to see them loving on one another after a crazy long dinner with friends. Elizabeth was completely restless not to mention exhausted from no nap, but her brother was amazing. She went straight to him for some affection which he amply showed her. Warmed my heart!

I love my children! I added a pic from our whirlwind trip to Orlando to find a house. We had to throw a little fun into the trip to so this pic is from our trip to Epcot. I thought it apropos to be holding my son up like Simba :)

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