Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pics of the New House

Here's the new house: http://vt.realbiz360.com/MLS-321385.html

Yeah, the music is cheesy so turn down the volume :)

The house is in Windermere in a gorgeous neighborhood just North of Disney, West of Orlando, and far away from tourism. The area is relatively new - reminds me an awful lot of Dacula in that respect. There are still pastures filled with cows and horses nearby. There is a Publix just around the corner, and there is also a brand new outdoor shopping mall like the Forum (only much bigger) about 5 minutes from our rental house. That's also where Target is - my fav store!

I'm not sure I like the elementary school for Andrew. I can't get past the secretary at the door to tour the school which I find very disturbing. I've also left messages to tour the school, and I still haven't received a return call. Maybe that's God's way of nudging me to homeschool, but we'll just pray and wait for God's guidance in that area. I'm not sure if Andrew or I would endure a single day of homeschool together b/c "someone" has a super strong stubborn personality.

Mat's commute is going to be like 20 min at most. Most of his drive will be within the Walt Disney Park itself since we are North of the parks and his office at the Wide World of Sports is on the South side of the parks.

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