Our Family

Our Family

Monday, March 8, 2010

What's for Supper?

This morning my daughter brought a cook book to me, opened it to a divine stroganoff recipe, started licking the picture of the meal, and said "YUM!" I couldn't resist. I went to my freezer, got out some steak, and prepped the meal in my crock pot.

I told my son the story on the way home from school. When he walked in the door at home, the fragrance of the meal overwhelmed us, and he complimented his sister on her excellent choice for dinner. I can't wait to see if it's as good as it smells.

As an aside, my sweet friend invited me over for last minute lunch plans. It made me feel so special, AND she welcomed both of my children into her freshly cleaned house with open arms. Friends like that are rare and priceless! Thank you sweet friend!

When we got home, my boy wanted to "practice" throwing his baseball into his new net. Thinking it would be excellent practice on this gorgeous day, I headed outside to set up the net for him only to find that you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to set it up. So t-ball practice turned out to be a "wait for Daddy" project with a little boy very upset that his mommy isn't a rocket scientist. Nothing a few gummy bears and teddy grahams couldn't help thought.

Finally, have you ever had to wait for something that you wanted REALLY bad? It's kinda like watching paint dry. I'm simply dying here in anticipation. Maybe I should go to the mall...but I'm pretty sure my husband wouldn't like that.

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