Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just Another Monday Followed by Tuesday...

Monday was beautiful.

So, about an hour after I gave up on putting the soccer net together yesterday, I decided to try again. It took time putting it together, but I did it...with the help (& encouragement) from my 5 year old who was desperate for me to finish. Maybe I'm a rocket scientist after all! The net is way bigger than either of us expected. My $7 Christmas present find turned out to be very worth it. It's a super nice net!

We were enjoying playing ball, and my son did really well aiming for the square target on the net. My daughter enjoyed playing outside too, but instead of throwing a ball, she decided to pick up doggie poo and throw it. So disgusting on so many levels...don't worry, Mom, I yelled for her to stop (when I finally noticed her playing with the um..dog chips) and I raced to wash her hands. She giggled and giggled. She's way more like her brother than I thought.

While Monday was beautiful, Tuesday has shaped up to be PERFECT! I even took a walk at the park with a sweet friend I haven't seen in a while. My son was very mischievious. He did the forbidden and threw a large rock, but then he did the unpardonable and he BIT his sister. Boy did that upset me!!! He had a consequence. After the tears and drama was over, I tucked him into bed. While I was leaving, he actually "thanked" me for the consequence. Hmmm...not sure what to think about that. Maybe he needs a bigger consequence next time.

Now, if that darn paint would DRY ALREADY! Oh...and by the way, the dinner my daughter picked out (sortof) was AMAZING. I'm craving the leftovers I saved for supper tomorrow!

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