Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What a Week!

I don't know if it's possible for us to have fit any more into this week.

Monday - took Lizzy to the doc to get a check up. Found out her ear tube is clogged and there is a ton of fluid sitting on her ear. Got her ears pierced anyway. Went home. Put the house on the market. Got the tummy bug. Thought I was gonna die.

Tuesday - woke up (if you can call it that since I didn't really every sleep) at 7am to find Andrew laying flat on his back staring at the ceiling beneath the great white porcelain god. He said, "I totally thought I was gonna puke." He snuggled with me as I could barely get out of bed in the first place by I was suffering with the same bug. Mat stayed home for a while to help with Lizzy - praise Jesus! Lots more happened, but when you have the tummy bug nothing else matters.

Wednesday - no time to be sick on this day. Got up. Suffered through the pain to take Lizzy for her 18mos wellness visit. Found out that she had to have a sick visit instead AND that her eye tube is clogged and she will have to have surgery AGAIN on that. Found out that someone was actually gonna look at my house. Had to do a marathon cleaning while about to die from tummy pain. The house looked perfect. Left to do errands b/c here is no time to be sick and relocate to a different state. Went to church. Went home. Andrew got "bit" by the tummy bug - not pretty. Had to work on the computer for relocation purposes but I couldn't think. Started feeling better - hallelujah!

Thursday - painted and cleaned baseboards ALL day long. Andrew was sick, but he seems to be doing tons better.

The kids are gonna be in a wedding this weekend so we are going to enjoy wedding festivities, Andrew's 1st t-ball game, and a HUGE honkin celebration for Mat who is leaving for Orlando very soon!

I don't know how everything got done this week, but it did (well, except that I didn't work). I guess that God knew what kind of week it was going to be and gave me the extra strength I needed to survive it. Tomorrow the fun begins!!!

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