Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sweet Times with the Grandparents

Today, I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with my grandfather, Nani Boy. I love my grandparents. They've been going through quite a rough patch lately (& for the past few years really). Recently, my grandmother, Nana, was put in a nursing home or assisted living home. My grandparents have been married 68 years, & the separate living arrangements have been very difficult for both of them.

Yesterday, Andrew called Nani to see if we could take him joy-riding. Anywho, it was a bittersweet day with my grandfather. We went out on the town (rare for him), & then we visited my grandmother in the nursing home. I witnessed the sweetest kiss (or 2 not that I was counting but I wish I had my camera!), & enjoyed "yelling" at my deaf grandma all the while trying not to cry. The kids were quite the hit at the nursing home too :) I think we made their day, & Nani certainly made Andrew's day!

Andrew hasn't stopped talking about his amazing grandfather. It was certainly sweet to see them hanging out together. Andrew loved asking Nani all about his life. I got to just sit there and listen to him rehash old memories. I even learned some things that I, as an adult, never got to ask.

Precious times that I won't have too often now that a move to Orlando is in our near future.

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