Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Testing Dumb Ideas

Today I had an insanely bad idea. I worked this morning, & it looked so beautiful and sunny outside. I made a plan with my children to grab food from Publix (subs were on sale!) and eat it at the park. We got our subs, took our little picnic to a table, and sat there freezing our tushies off in the fierce bitter cold wind. Even my son said, let's just eat the rest at home. We all left with runny noses. Dumb idea! Guess I wouldn't have many adventures if I didn't test some of my ideas every now and then though.

On a cute note, my son was cheering me on in my newest addiction, Zuma - a playstation game. He was so proud of himself when he up and wrote a note that said "win" and taped it beside the TV. He's really learning how to read and write quickly. I'm super proud, and you'll see that note the next time you come over b/c I will NEVER take it down! I love my days - well, mostly!

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