Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Perfecting the Terrible Two's at 17 Months

What has happened to my sweet little girl? All of a sudden, she turned 17 months and now:

She's screaming about everything. When she doesn't get her way. When she wants something but isn't willing to say the word. When brother (or anyone) gets near her - God forbid they actually TOUCH her. When Mommy leaves. When Daddy won't hold her. When someone looks at her. When she's happy. When she's sad. All the time!

She loves other babies. They are her personal dolls. However, if they don't pay attention to her, she FORCES them to by jumping on them. Really I didn't give the description justice. She basically does a belly flop on top of them as they frantically try to escape.

She doesn't want to sleep - EVER!

My mom says she's just perfecting her terrible 2's. I think she's trying to drive me bonkers, and it certainly won't take much of this behavior to accomplish her goal.

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