Our Family

Our Family

Friday, February 5, 2010


It seems that my life is constantly full of decisions...and change...and challenges. I'm not sure what change is in store for my sweet little family, but I know that despite the change, I have to make plans for now.

The biggest decision I face currently is where to send my son to school. I've never considered public school an option. I am a teacher, and I know what happens "there." You get the luck of the draw, and your child doesn't always get the best - teacher, education, friends. I've been quite adamant about NOT sending my child there. However, we are on the brink of having a kindergardener.

We've visited lots of private schools each of which has its pros and cons. Do we put him in school all day? Do we want to pay $2500 or $8000? Do we have the money to pay for any of it? Or do we *gasp* consider a public education for our cherished little 5 year old ONLY precious son?

After much prompting from several friends, we visited our local public school. It currently has only 12 children in each of the 6 kindergarten classes plus 2 para-pros to help throughout the day. The school was built for 1200 children, and it has not exceeded 600. They have NEW resources, the building is beautiful, the teachers were all very friendly and happy. The work those kindergartners were doing was pretty spectacular. All in all, the school was HIGHLY impressive. God even allowed us to tour with a sweet Christian lady who was able to answer all our difficult questions including the ones that "they" aren't supposed to talk about.

I (we) still have a huge decision ahead of us, but for now, I feel very at peace about the process. I'm mostly concerned about the heart of my sweet boy. I don't want it tainted by anything. I want him to learn about his Savior in an intimate and personal way each day. The question I have to answer is: Does it really matter where he goes to school? God can and will still hold him in the palm of his hand no matter "where" he is. That knowledge makes the decision a little easier for me.

I believe that change is good, & challenges make us stronger. God is in control, and His ways aren't our ways. Sometimes they even include public school. I kinda like His ways better anyway - takes stress of my shoulders. His are bigger and can hold more!

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