Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Potty

Don't worry, I haven't had to reach into the toilet after Little People again. I've no longer been conserving water.

Two days ago, I was cleaning the bathroom when I noticed some peepee in the little baby potty downstairs. A few days prior to this, my son called me into the bathroom to re-diaper the baby. He had her on the potty encouraging her to try. Well, apparently she had success that I hadn't noticed earlier.

Tonight, I put her back on the potty. She had a dry diaper from about 2 hours before. She went potty!!! I know...not so exciting for you, but she's only 17 months! Do they make pull-ups that small? I'm gonn search for them b/c I think she's ready!

I rewarded her (and myself too) with an m&m :) We've seriously been trying to pinch pennies, but I had no clue that this was an option!

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