Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Andrew is 7!

Seven years ago today (almost to the minute) I gave birth to a sweet 7 pound 6 ounce baby boy. He was perfect except for his webbed toes and the large hematoma on his elbow. We say his webbed toes make him an excellent swimmer, and his hematoma is completely gone.

He has brought such joy into our household. He smiles almost all the time, he has a passion for life, and he loves Jesus. He is a brilliant little boy, an avid reader, he has so much confidence, and he is most often so sweet with his little sister. He is an encourager with his words, and he has such a sensitive spirit. He also feeds off encouragement from others. I don't know what plans God has for my sweet boy, but I know he must have something huge in store for Andrew.

My prayer for Andrew is that he would glorify God with his life. I know people see the strength and passion Andrew has for his life, and I hope they see that it's the strength that only comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ.

My friend summed up Andrew perfectly the other day. She said that there is always a party going on in Andrew. And she's right. He's always filled with joy and happiness.

I love that huge little boy with all my heart!

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