Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rush rush rush...

This year Christmas has been such a wonderful time of sharing time just reflecting on the reason for the season. Andrew has been so interested in learning all the details about Jesus birth...and I tell ya, we've gone deep here. you should have heard me trying to worm my way outta explainin what Mary being a virgin meant. He kept prying, and I kept explaining why it was important instead of what it was. That just got me into a deeper hole as I was saying God was Jesus real father, and Joseph was just his earthly father. Mat helped me trudge through the whole thing. It's fun to see Andrew so interested in details of the Bible.

December usually brings a rush of activities that cause stress and lots of planning and rushing around to do this and buy that. This year has been so different. We did get the kids some gifts, but the kids haven't focused much on their gifts or shopping this year. We are just enjoying being together. I've also found that there is lots of sanity in NOT planning a single Christmas party...or being invited to one. However, that doesn't means we haven't been able to spend time with friends not does it mean that we haven't last minute been invited to parties. The past 3 nights in a row have been spent with friends at lovely parties.

It's been a refreshing season of spending time with friends and family and enjoying the slow relaxing season of Christmas. I think our homemade advent calendar really has helped us this year. Andrew has also been getting us all into the holiday spirit by playing Christmas songs on the piano.

Ahh...the simple last minute plans around Christmas instead of the planned rush has been just wonderful!

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