Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Andrew continually blows me away. He has been working away all morning, and he just wrote this:

Sydney is a great puppy. While I feed her, she chases me.

I have never taught him about prepositions (though he did memorize something about prepositions in his Classical Conversations school) or how you put a comma in the sentence that starts with a prepositional phrase. However, he did it, and he told me, "I learned that from reading books."

I told him he was the bestest, and he said "that doesn't make any sense." We discussed that you can't be better than best so bester or bestest don't really make sense.

I will say that the school days aren't always perfect, but I think Andrew is getting the best education that he could get with the options we have at our disposal. Plus, I get to enjoy watching him learn and make discoveries!

Also earlier, he gave a huge man burp that smelled like garbage directly up my nose. He asked me if it smelled like I was in the middle of a landfill, and my reply was "why yes yes it does." That's what I get from sitting across from him while he does school.

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