Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First School Book Completed

Andrew is a joy to teach. He is an avid reader, and it shows. He can read just about anything. In fact, we checked out new library books yesterday, and he is currently reading "The Red Hen" making his voice different for each character. Today was a big day for him too. He completed his first text book which also happened to be his reading and phonics book. As an aside, if you want to teach your child to read (homeschooler or non homeschooler), I highly recommend Reading Made Easy. It's a fun book that Andrew loved. Because he loved it so much, we've completed all 108 lessons in February. I'm very excited b/c now we are going to start a bunch of writing assignments, and he is soooo ready!

If you could include us in your prayers, we are currently trying to decide what to do about Andrew's school for next year. We are still planning to homeschool, but we'd like him to have some outside schooling too. He currently goes to school one day a week, but it's very far away and not quite meeting our expectations. We went to a meeting about Classical Conversations last night, and I very much like the way they do school. I'm going to an open house to actually see how it works tomorrow, and I have another open house with a school on Tuesday of next week. Both schools only meet for one day a week from 9-12, and both schools are much closer to home.

I really want to start sending him to a school in our area where we can make relationships with other children his age and be able to do field trips or play groups with friends locally. I think I've found the right solution, but it's always a leap of faith. After all, it's my son we're talking about!

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