Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Caribbean Beach

Last night we decided to head out to Disney for our daily exercise. There is only one resort that we had never been to so we decided to head over there for the 2 mile loop around the lake. Caribbean Beach was beautiful. We got in about a mile before Andrew tripped and slid down a hill made of concrete. He was tough, but it did bang him up a bit. He was so excited later that the wound had made an A and a B on his knee...and it really did...crazy! We ended up resting on a hammock while Mat ran his 5K...super relaxing and just perfect. The weather has been gorgeous here. I wanna go back and do more exploring at Caribbean Beach! It's really big with lots of walking so I'm not sure I'd like to stay there on a family vacation. I'm pretty sure my legs would fall off on the walk to my room, but it's nice to visit and would make a great weekend trip for sure. I think I prefer Riverside over all the moderates because it's so pretty with a lake but much less walking than any of the other moderates especially Caribbean and Coronado.

On another note, Lizzy had to go to the doc yesterday. She either has very bad allergies or asthma. The symptoms are similar, and the doc put her on an allergy plan yesterday. We've had to break out the nebulizer for her again, and the doc said that while pollen counts in Florida can get very high it only last 2 months here to the 8 months in Georgia. That's another bonus to living in Florida!

We have a lot to look forward to this weekend. Our friend who cooks authentic Mexican is coming tomorrow for a fiesta! We are super excited! A house full of people always makes me happy!

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