Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sassy or Shy

My daughter is just so sassy. She already has this look about her that just begs to get her way. And when she doesn't, watch out for that terrible two tantrum. The tears just stream out of her eyes. I see where the phrase cry me a river could come from after watching her cry. She can make real puddles with her tears...even on que!

Fridays are always so hard for her. Andrew has school very far from home so we are in the car...a lot! Friday, she got bored and she was just making up all kinds of stuff from her car seat. My favorite was, "Mommy, I'm so sad at you!" I asked her what that was all about, and her response, "I'm not sad at you, Mommy. I'm so sorry." What a sweetheart! She can't even pretend to be upset for a minute.

Tonight we went to a valentines dance party at our local YMCA. She was so shy that my little dancer would hardly dance. She mostly porked it up at the snack table where she likely snuck about 10 hershey kisses. The girl loves her chocolate!

I so love that sweet little sassy shy child.

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