Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March thus far...

Today, I am tired. It has been a stressful, busy, fun month filled with decisions and lots of time with the kids by myself.

March has to have been the most difficult month of school so far. Both Andrew and I are tired and all we want to do is go play. So we went on a lot of field trips.

We went to Ponce Inlet Lighthouse on the coast, and we go to play at the beach too.

We went to Barberville - a pioneer settlement about an hour from home.

We went to Epcot - to discover the flower and garden festival.

We went to Animal Kingdom - to learn more about animals.

We went ice skating with a sweet group of homeschoolers.

We had a fiesta with authentic Mexican food.

We painted lots of pictures and watched lots of Popular Mechanics for Kids videos.

We even set up a big tent in our living room and did school in the tent. We also had a campout, & Andrew & Lizzy had their first friends sleepover in the tent.

And I have ideas for more field trips this month already:

We are going strawberry picking.

We are having a field day on St. Patrick's Day.

We are going to the Shakespeare Theater to watch a play.

We are going to Gatorland Zoo.

We are going camping at a park with springs where we can tube with other homeschool friends.

We are going to meet some firemen with other homeschoolers.

We are even going to make a trip to Atlanta where we will have to go to Stone Mountain! We will also get to visit dear friends!

I'm so blessed that we started homeschooling in kindergarten. You may think we're slacking with all our field trips, but you wouldn't think so if you spend a day "schooling" with us. Andrew is so brilliant, and he so enjoys school that we've already finished most of his curriculum by doubling up on school most days. And when we take trips, we always learn valuable information! We started school August. 2, and we will have fulfilled our 180 days by mid April. I'm not stopping for the summer. The fun will just continue!

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