Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweet Sibling Love

Andrew is a part of a private school which meets only once a week. I'm in a carpool so I don't have to drive but once every 4 weeks. Today was my 3rd time driving, and poor little sweet, Lizzy was just pathetic. As we left the parking lot, she was just balling and crying out for her brother. She's napping now, but she has said repetitively since leaving the school, "want Andrew."

A couple weeks ago, one of the other carpool drivers told me that Andrew said he couldn't wait to go home and see his baby sister. She was surprised by his sweet spirit...though that doesn't surprise me at all.

At least the love is reciprocated. My children love each other, and I hope they do forever! It makes me proud to be their mother...and maybe a wee bit jealous that they cry out for one another but never need their mom. Maybe I should go on a long trip...

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