Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Healthy Food

Mat and I have gone through a food transformation. We don't eat out often, and we are into healthy stuff. However, while on vacation, we hopped over to Mat's choice of restaurant...a burger joint with burgers so big you can't open your mouth wide enough to bite into them.

When we got there, Andrew panicked. He was very upset that we were eating unhealthy food. I don't think I can possibly find words to describe the panic he had when we placed our orders and heard that we were ordering a quadruple bypass burger. He seriously thought we were going to have heart attacks and die b/c of our unhealthy food choice. Nor can I describe the sheer terror he experienced when his burger came loaded with cheese and no veggies in site. In fact, he immediately asked the waitress for lettuce and tomatoes for his burger. He also told me that he was going to have yogurt when he got back to the hotel b/c yogurt has probiotics and is extra healthy. He also dumped out his Sprite and got healthy water instead.

I gotta say it was funny, but I'm proud that when faced with a food choice, I think he might actually choose something healthy instead of just satisfying his taste buds. That's way more I can say for myself. I'm impressed that he's already thinking about taking care of his body!

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