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Our Family

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Older Than Methuselah

I love October...ALL things about it. It's the time of year when the leaves start changing and swirling around in the air. The weather turns a bit cooler. There are Fall Festivals and pumpkin patches with the occasional corn maze. Scare crows, hay bales, and other fall decorations come out of hiding to make beautiful decorations. There is even a crisp, fresh smell about October that I love. Living in Florida has only increased my love of the fall. The weather is a perfect 75 degrees with a gorgeous breeze, and you don't even need a jacket by the evening. Though I have to admit that my first tinge of homesickness has come as I see pictures and have dreams about going to Uncle Shuck's fabulous (though pricey) corn maze. I also miss the Stone Mountain activities more than I ever though I would - people here don't even know what Stone Mountain is!!!

October is also the month of my birthday, and that is where the title of this comes into play. Andrew and I have been studying the book of Genesis together, and I've so cherished that time of reading from the REAL Bible together. I had to chuckle when we read through the lineage of Noah though. I had forgotten that Noah's ancestors lived to be anywhere from 365 to 969 years old.

I enjoy celebrating my birthday, and I'm not embarrassed about my age. However, I am certainly starting to FEEL my age as I turn 33. I've had to go through things in just this one year alone that have made me feel old. I started getting mammograms, my gums are deteriorating so I have to go see the dentist about getting that fixed, there is a bad nerve somewhere that's cause my foot to be numb/tingly, and I drink more coffee than I did a year ago (probably just trying to muster the energy to get through the day).

I've thought, as I approach my 33 birthday, that Jesus was 33 when he died. What a life he lived in those 33 years! I'm grateful that I have a little bit longer to leave the right impression in this world - well at least I hope! But, I'm certainly glad that I won't live as long as Methuselah. He was 969 when he died, and he was 187 by the time he had his first son! I can't even begin to imagine the aches and pains that he experienced if I already feel like this at 33. I should be thankful that those first few generations were so evil that God shortened our life span to 120 years old...and then I'm sure our humanity continually decreased those years.

I know I've gone on a strange tangent, but have you ever thought of that?

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